Forty years of traveling the wilderness areas of Africa do classify Kim Donaldson as an adventurer. This ongoing journey has resulted in some of the purest art to ever come from this continent and Kim prides himself in the respect he has earned from his fellow artists. The life he has chosen has not brought him wealth simply because he measures success at a different level. Artist, sculptor and published author are but a few titles he can lay claim to but he does so without boasting and self-promotion.

For 30 years Kim’s artwork has been exhibited in some of the most prestigious galleries in Europe, Britain and the United States. Fellow exhibitors have included the most celebrated artists of our time. Although he resided in America for many years, he never left his homeland, returning every year for extended safaris to the most remote areas of Africa. His highly acclaimed and award winning book, Africa: An Artist’s Journal, was a direct result of these travels.

The artistic variation of his work illustrates Kim’s need to diversify and challenge himself. The majority of artists work to a formula but Kim does not feel he has to restrict himself to one style or medium. Equally comfortable in oils, acrylics, pastels and three dimensional artworks, he will use any of these mediums to full effect and for any subject matter. The application, too, can vary from realistic to contemporary and all styles that fall in between. Although considered by many to be a wildlife artist, Kim does not like this classification as he considers himself to be a painter of Africa. It just so happens that he is attracted to the birds, beasts, people and wilds of Africa.

Now residing in Franschhoek, Kim feels a strong connection with the quaint village as this is where his forefathers made their start in Africa. He has opened an art gallery in the center of the town and the majority of his art is now only available at his own gallery.